Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Keyishe Key Club killin

Sunday is Funday

Yo so check it out its starts at the Knitting Factory then we cruise down Hollywood blvd to the Vanguard and do it Delicious Vinyl style and drop some BASS

L.A. Goes BOOM

If you dont fit in a scene create one, so we created L.A. Goes BOOM. This is about the Old School and the Future. L.A. Goes BOOM is about Electro Funk, Miami/L.A. Bass, Freestyle and old school Hip Hop as well as what the old school has inspired and influenced. This party did pop off in a way that had all of saying what the fuck, damm this is cracking. I think one of the coolest things about the party was every one was having alot of fun and the music was banging all night in a old school house party kinda way. Big Ups to Miss Jack Davey of J Davey for rockin a classic set that got the party hype, Big Ups to Chico Sonido for holding it down and being one of the most solid djs in LA. Also big Ups to Dark Alley for pumpin that Bootay at 4am keepin the party Hot and Sweaty and finally Big Ups to the Arabian Prince for blowing the house down. It was funny because Arabian Prince happen to bring Krazy D of NWA, famous from the NWA hit Dope Man and they started off there set with that song and damm the whole place went crazy. Here we go L.A. Goes BOOM #2PhotobucketPhotobucket
Here is a lil video footage of The Keyishe @ L.A. Goes BOOM